28 oct 2011

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Mami Blogueras on the Rise

Mami Blogueras on the Rise

Muy emocionada al ver el nombre de esta página en el listado de TMN Corp:

˜Mami Blogueras™ on the Rise

By: Pamela Nieto

During the past four years, Latina mommy bloggers or “mami blogueras” have become a very powerful online community. This rising network of Latina bloggers is constantly sharing online content related to everyday life situations such as raising and educating bilingual children, managing a family and household in the US, and offering tips on saving money during these tough economic times. What makes Latina mommy bloggers so distinct from other ethnic bloggers is that they have a very distinct voice. They speak ‘in-culture’. “We write about who we are, what we like, how we raise our kids, and we do it all con nuestra voz [our voice]. Our distinct voice as the Latinas that we are is what makes us unique and what attracts our audience because they identify with us. We are the modern telenovela, mashed into a reality show, with a bit of la vecina chismosa [gossip], mixed in with the daily news,” said Ana Flores from Spanglish Baby in the article “Are #LatinaBloggers reaching the 30 million Hispanics online?”

And they are getting noticed.

With more than 50 million Hispanics now living in the US, their projected buying power will reach $1.2 trillion by 2012. Advertisers, fully aware of this trend are beginning to spend large amounts of dollars on “mami blogueras.” Companies such as Nestlé and Wal-Mart are now reaching out to mami blogueras for endorcement of their products to reach the Latino community. Marketing venues continue to find new markets in places where no one would have imagined there would be a good outlet, but “mami blogueras” welcome the chance to broaden their opportunities to make an income.

Some popular mami blogueras include:

Spanglish Baby
Modern Mami
Thoughts of a Mommy
Mundo de Mamá
Mama XXI
Esposa Perfecta
Ahorros para Mamá

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